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How to lose Loneliness?


Everyone feels loneliness in one or the other point in their lives. But, frequent feeling of loneliness is the initial symptoms of the depression. If this is your problem then find the ways to learn as how to treat yourself carefully. As we all know, human is a social being, it is very important for us to have a companion ship and a good relation with our friends, family members, colleagues etc. However, some people feel that they are lonely and like to be in their own imaginary world. It is very difficult for some one to get mingle with their surroundings since they expect others to recognize them. Those people really need a companion who can look inside them thus understanding the problems with them.

If you are one among them then try to learn more about you. It helps you to know the category to which you belong. Try to admire yourself doing different things that give satisfaction to you. Make sure that you don’t have a feeling of insecure and a feeling of afraid to some circumstances. Being lonely means hiding yourself from the problems and also means that you are in disguise so it is necessary to get rid of the loneliness in the initial stages or else it affects the overall personality development of an individual. Here are few tips to overcome loneliness:

Think a while to figure out the desire and aim of your life. Pain, loneliness, depression are common in everyone’s life. Realize the fact that loneliness is a temporary state of mind and also try to build up your mind towards changing that state and think that you have that power within you to bring out the change.

Try to cultivate the friendship slowly with the ones whom you find comfortable. Don’t judge them whether they are perfect or not at the first sight. Try to mingle with them and share your inner feelings. Go with them for a small outing; try attending lecture series that pushes away the loneliness.

Avoid judging relationships around you and it is also good to avoid unnecessary anger on your loved ones since it can cause a bad impression on your heart, and also it indirectly leads to loneliness once again.

Don’t be afraid to share your abundance of humanity with your loved ones if there is a need. Try to cultivate hope and rebirth in yourself. Take some responsibilities and initiatives, be volunteer in doing the home stuffs, get along with your surroundings, and show interest in things that goes around you.

Lighten up your mood and try to enjoy the present situations to the fullest extent. Don’t think or break your head about the bad things that has happened long back in your life. Be active with the positive thoughts and try to relax your mind.

Don’t miss social gatherings, join clubs and social events. Mingle with the gathered people so that you can know the better way of going through them; share your talks with them. All these tips can surely relieve you from the loneliness effectively.

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4 Responses to "How to lose Loneliness?"

  1. Bob says:

    Your so full of S****…… Yeah go out on an outing…. and what if no one wants you to be with them then what…. pput yourself out there and get shot down again and again…. Mingle in gatherings…yes if it were that easy then I wouldn;’t have a problem…. you try ot mingle and find yourself alone… used to be a time when being a good person, a gentleman and caring was all it took now you have to make people laugh… what happends when you can’t think of anything to say and when you try people just turn away when anyone else comes around… you try to find a friend but they are not interested or worse yet they are untill they get to know you better then you become just so much refuse…… Lonelyness does not hurt from being alone…. put me in a cell by myself isolated for years and I’ll be fine…. Lonelyness devistates when you are with others…. alone in a croud… everyone laughing and sharing and you are ignored, rejected… sit with someone and someone else walks in and they are up and off to be with the onther. person….. I don’t think that you have a clue of what it really is to be lonely…. of the pain,,,, the overwhelming, cutting to your heart and soul pain that it entails……..

  2. Shiva says:

    Each and Every word written in this suits me exactly. Thanks for this.. But i think its really hard to implement this..since i’ve been through a long before.. lemme try this..donno it could work on me…

  3. Bibin Mohan says:

    thanks for the advice..really good. :) I feel so good..

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