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Hair Loss Remedy-Women

Hair Loss Remedy-Women

Hair loss has a distressing affect upon women too. Although the occurrence is widely observed in elderly people.The aftermath of such occurrence has a stressful impact upon the mindset of women.

Cause and Symptoms:

The most vital factor attributed to hair loss is Hormones. Hormonal Imbalance might occur during various phases such as pregnancy when the androgen hormone in the opposite sex is high and the other factors attributed are allergies, nutritional deficiency, straightening, perming etc.
Symptoms are clearly visible. Unlike receding hairline in males, women have a unique hair loss pattern wherein thinning occurs at the same time throughout the scalp.


Revive the fallen hopes as Hair-loss condition can be treated through various methods such as herbal remedies, surgical treatment, medication or natural medication. The most popular drug resorted to is minoxidil that should be applied periodically. Nutritional deficiency being one of the most important causes, care should be taken to increase the consumption of Omega 3 Fatty acids (Vitamin B).Hair transplant is another solution which has got a 100% success rate.

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6 Responses to "Hair Loss Remedy-Women"

  1. hair plugs says:

    This information can exactly help me get rid of hair loss problem. The bald fact of the matter is that hair loss is no joke. Whether you’re a man or a woman, thinning hair and bald patches can make you feel incredibly self conscious. This can be one of the reason for low self esteem. I agree that our hair appearance can be a great deal in our personality.

  2. Maria says:

    I have just finished 6 months of herbal shampooing treatment and whenever I reviewed my self in the mirror I was amazed at the results. The treatment definitely works and as long as you stick with the natural healing, the positive results will come.

  3. You are actually right with your post, I think that hormonal imbalance is one of the cause why men and women suffered from hair loss. Stress it one of the reason too, why people get into baldness.

  4. You can also add that certain drug medications have unintended side effects such as depression and high blood pressure. It’s also sad that most modern hair regrowth techniques and drugs are targeted for men and not women.

  5. Olvia says:

    Unfortunately, hair transplant is *not* an option for most women. Only a tiny percentage of women experiencing female pattern baldness are good candidates for hair transplant. This is because in the female pattern hair falls out from *all* areas of the head and therefore there is no way to guarantee that hair harvested for transplant won’t fall out as well.

  6. Alopecia areata is probably the second most common cause of hair loss and affects around 2% of people. It is a cause of sudden hair loss in men and sudden Hair Loss in Women.

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