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Google’s Nexus One Phone

Google is going to release an Android based smartphone known as “Nexus-One” which is its own brand and it will be hitting the mobile market next year. It is glad to known that many of the Google’s employees are gifted with a new smartphone at their company meeting on last Friday.

Here is the collection of some new information on the recently leaked Google Nexus One Android Phone. Even though the model comes with a 5 megapixel camera with a flash, the picture quality of the photos still seems to be not exactly the top notch and many are not really surprised with those photos. Google has not yet revealed the release date of its new Nexus phone but there is a rumor that it could be somewhere in January month of the coming year.


Google’s Nexus is mainly HTC hardware with an OLED touch screen and a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. According to them, the device is almost a new renowned version of the HTC Bravo, which is once again a model that is expected to be launched in the next year. The model measures 3.7 inches, WVGA and has a display AM-OLED with an optical trackpad.

Some of the leaked specifications are

Nexus is built with an operating system Android 2.1

320MB RAM and 512 ROM

4.3 inches capacitive touchscreen

Wi-Fi connectivity

Bluetooth and USB

5 megapixel camera that supports both AT&T and also T mobile 3G network

microSD card

3.5mm headphone jack

Google has made an announcement that they have taken up the concept of a mobile lab which is a device that combines a specially designed hardware from a partner along with the software which is made to run on Android, in order to make an experiment with the new features of the arriving mobiles and its capabilities. Thus, they are please to share this device with their employees all over the world.

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