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Blackberry curve 8250 Review

Blackberry curve 8250 Review

RIM launched a new radical handset Curve 8250 mainly targeting upon new entry level consumers who still haven’t experienced Blackberry Functionality. RIM has justified the absence of trackball with the atypical rubberized buttons and an optical track pad. Facing stiff competition from its rivals it seems to have made a good move by incorporating optical track pad.


With a superior material quality emphasized by curvy features it displays a sleeker look. The front fascia features a glossy snazzy finish while the rear panel is a smooth finish surface. Embedded with a Track pad that replaces the track ball for more reliability. Although the design is very much on the lines of prior predated Blackberry models. The model sizes up to 109 x 60 x 13.9 mm and weighs106 g.


Sports a 2.64 inch Thin Film Transistor display of 65K colors supporting 320 x 240 pixels and Quarter Video Graphics Array. A colorful and vivid display is a result of the aforementioned features. QWERTY keyboard is easier and reliable without being cramped.


Sports a 2 Mega Pixel camera of 1600×1200 pixels and supporting Quarter Video Graphics Array with a primary lens essential for capturing video. Fun Factor is being added through application Photocall (enables the users to tag photos to the contacts).


Supports second generation GSM and data transfer takes place through General Packet Radio Service, Enhanced GSM Evolution, High Speed Circuit Switched Data.WLAN, Bluetooth (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) and USB.

Generic Traits:

Equipped with a Blackberry Operating system. Features an onboard storage memory of 256 MB and armed with Micro Secure Digital memory slot expandable up to 16 GB. Standard Lithium-ion Battery with a rated talk time of four hours.

TechnO Review:

Mostly targeted at mid-tier consumers Blackberry comes with a fine reception quality that enables a clearer and dynamic sound. Economical an ergonomically embodied features.

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102 Responses to "Blackberry curve 8250 Review"

  1. Teewai says:

    Playing videos with your bb is as simple as ABC. Just connect ur bb to a laptop or any computer, download ur video straight into ur bb memCard, close and remove d bb when done. Navigate to ur MemCard and open to play the video. Enjoy it!

  2. Aisling says:

    I am trying to sync my Curve 8250 to App World but it says before it can go to step three to turn on the radio but there is no radio on the phone. Network, Wifi and Bluetooth are all on. Facebook app also won’t connect, which is why I went to App World. Any advice appreciated.

  3. roana says:

    i’m in love with my bb :)
    just a small question guys – i wish to see movie on my bb. i have a 16gb memory card so i don’t think it would be a problem. my question is, do i need to install a particular player on it? and what format should be the movie in?
    many thanksssss :)

  4. says:

    bb is the besttt

  5. Diesel says:

    maybe go wank thyself and squirt on a bb curve in your mouth

  6. solat jumat says:

    is the track-pad good?
    what about the accuracy?

  7. Jango says:

    Im thinkin to get a blackberry for my birthday but people say that it sucks what do i do ??

  8. choi says:

    downloaded facebook for blackberry app but i cant log to facebook using this. it promts cant connect to facebook server. help!

  9. jannyp says:

    every time i receive an email my cell vibrates loudly. Often this happens in the night and wakes us up. I never set it to do this and in no way can i find how to change my notification profiles. It is obviously something basic but ???

  10. kisha says:

    does any one no what app i can use for facebook chat on the bb 8250 please help thx

    • Russell says:

      From going through all of the above comments, it seems that this one would help you: >>>>B4nx wrote on 1 February, 2010, 21:46
      To be able watch youtube videos on your bb download Xenozu from bb appworld
      To be able to connect to facebook chat for free on your bb download palingro from bb appworld
      To be able to connect to skype for free on your bb (im only) download palingro or nimbus from bb appworld

      Hope this is of use


  11. ruby says:

    does this blackberry 8250 wifi ready

  12. CHRISTIAN says:


  13. georgie says:

    can you tell me what is obex please?Can you help me regarding that? I can’t send via bluetooth because of that obex thing… hope you ca help me…otherwise, if it can’t be fix, can you tell me some other ways to download music or pics from PC to 8250 please? thanks… Appreciate if you can reply as soon as possible…

  14. ali says:

    I have the blackberry 8250 and recently the track pad (middle touch bit) had frozen. I took my phone into the shop, and they happily sent me another phone- as i had evidence that i brought the phone. You need either the orignal SIM card which came with the phone or the reciept. But apart from that the phone has been very good! I think that this phone is suitable for anyone. One thing i was disapointed in was the camera- i wanted a flash on the camera, but the phone unfortunatly does not have flash.

  15. jannyp says:

    Does curve 8250 support flash photography

    • Russell says:

      NO. There is not a flash installed in the phone. But I have heard that if you use an LED type light in the background, like behind your head aimed at the point you wish to photograph, that you can get a pretty good picture still.

  16. Bhavesh says:

    Waiting for C6 or N8 to come … 

  17. Grace O says:

    To anyone wondering how to find the radio on the Blackberry Curve 8520, It doesn’t have one and neither does any of the other Blackberry smartphones.

  18. Amos T says:

    Please is the curve 8250 a 2G or 3G phone and what is the major difference between 2G and 3G?

  19. nick stevens says:

    ive just brought a blackberry curve 8520 it wont let we receive anything from bluetooth can anyone give me details on how to do this plz thanx

    • Russell says:

      To recieve music or a picture using bluetooth, go onto your main media folder, then press the options button and click “Recieve Using Bluetooth”.

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