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Asus G60VX-RBBX05 Review

The Asus G60VX features ‘Games’ as its key feature, while eliminating the Blu-ray drive and including a powerful graphics card of ‘Nvidia GeForce’ along with a small yet faster hard drive of 320GB capacity. The laptop features the Intel Core processor. The looks comprise a stout framework inspired by a race car.

The laptop has an exterior of a shiny midnight blue with very few flourishes of checkered pattern. The interior features a smooth palm rest area which is a matte black and a gleamy plastic in black which surrounds the screen of 16” and a huge keyboard. The keyboard is raised and beside, you have a number pad which makes playing games very convenient. The keyboard features a backlit, which is very rare in a laptop of this range.


Aloft the keyboard, you have a simple set of devoted touch keys which will activate the modes of power usage and the brightness of the screen. Beside the power button, you have an extra quick launch button which is used to launch the operating system of Asus, ‘Express Gate Splashtop.’ This OS provides photo viewing, web browsing, Skype applications and email without having to boot up the entire Windows 7 operating system.

The keys provide a nice feeling but are not very flexible. The touch pad featuring ‘multi-touch’ has effective flush buttons and surface. The main attractive feature of the laptop is the enhanced audio system, ‘EAX Advanced HD 4.0’ featuring 4 speakers. You can also hear audio effects in 3D style while listening to movies and playing games. The delusive surround experience is one of the best features in the device.

The laptop has a glossy LED screen of 16” with a standard resolution of 1,366×768 pixels. The device provides both eSATA and mini Firewire ports along with four USB 2.0 ports to generate a huge arrangement of options for connections. The device fails to incorporate Bluetooth. The surprising feature of this laptop is that some of the ports are shifted to the back portion (Ethernet, the power jack and one USB port).

The Asus has a small hard drive and a less capacity RAM when compared to the other laptops. But the hard drive operates at an rpm of 7200 which is fantastic for gaming purposes. A new feature, ‘overclocking’ is present in the power settings. The graphics card offers superb gaming performance and excellent frame rates. The Asus can be called as a laptop designed for serious gaming.

The 6-cell battery has a lifetime of just an hour and thirty seven minutes, which is pathetic. The Company provides a one year labor and parts warranty for the laptop. The website of the company provides manuals and driver downloads as well as a short FAQ section. The retail stores provide various plans of extended warranty for your purchase of the laptop, which is normally expensive and difficult to use.

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